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Meet Manny

Manny has been a small business owner for 10 years. He, just like most of the 305, has to work to make ends meet. He opened his restaurant, Mayor's Cafe, in 2019. Stop by on a Sunday and you may find Manny bringing you your morning coffee.



Manny has been on the Miami Lakes Town Council for 12 years, eight of which he has spent as Miami Lakes mayor.  Under his leadership, Miami Lakes has the lowest crime rate in its history, building permits are issued in a matter of days, and taxes were just lowered by almost 10%.



Manny was born and raised in Miami-Dade County and is the son and grandson of Cuban exiles.

He began his public service to the residents of Miami-Dade County as a Legislative Aide to two State Representatives. In those seven years, he worked with lawmakers and other legislative staff to steer millions of dollars in budgetary appropriations to our community and help constituents in Northwest Miami-Dade.

Manny believes that we are all life-long learners. He graduated from Miami-Dade College with an Associate's in Arts Degree (AA) in Political Science, and later earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Organizational Leadership and Master of Arts (MA) in Ethical Leadership from St. Thomas University. He is currently a doctoral student at William Woods University, where he is working toward a Ph.D. in Leadership. 

Manny owns and operates the Mayor's Cafe in Miami Lakes, where you can find him either cooking, busing tables, or running food. 

He and his wife Melissa are raising their children in the 305. 

After finding his calling for public service, Manny then felt it was time to serve his community in a different capacity by running for Council in his hometown of Miami Lakes. In 2012, he was elected to the Miami Lakes Town Council and at 29 became the youngest Vice-Mayor in the town's history. In 2016, Manny again made history when he was elected as the town's youngest mayor at age 33, and in 2020, was re-elected without opposition--another town first.

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