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Fighting for a Miami-Dade County that works for ALL of us!

Our current Mayor has not only already raised taxes, but is now asking for a $2.5 Billion Bond that will further impact property taxes. I have lowered taxes by 10% in Miami-Lakes and I have a plan to lower property taxes in Miami-Dade County.

Plan to roll-back property taxes in Miami-Dade by 10% and cap non-homesteaded properties at 5%:

  1. Eliminate all OPEN positions in Miami-Dade County that don't delivery direct services to the people. I will analyze all job duties and reform the current service delivery methods.

  2. Eliminate the current procurement process and start from scratch. The current process artificially inflates prices due to high bureaucratic burdens. The goal is to save 10% to 15% off all county solicitations.

  3. Eliminate ALL bureaucratic positions between the Mayor's Office and Department Directors including Heat Officer and Bay Officer. 

  4. Reform DERM to eliminate all discretion on small businesses.

  5. Putting ALL cost saving options on the table as we put residents first.

Stay Tuned for More Common Sense Solutions to the Issues Affecting Miami-Dade County.

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